Pitching workout (might be usefull, or not)

To everyone out there who wants to increase power, velocity, break etc. This is my workout. It worked for me. My fastball went from approx. 60 to 70 last year. This year I added some other workouts and it went to approx 80-85. I guess. I have only measured it 3 or 4 times in my life. But I notice the difference.

I started Skating, 2 years ago. It’s really good for your whole body. Just long and powerfull strokes.
Then I added 20 Arm motion things. Hard to explain. hold your arms horizontally next to you and make an angle of 90 degrees opwards. This is where you start. now bring your hands down in front of you, but maintain the 90 degrees angle. so you palms go from vertically above your elbow, to horizontally. Try adding 1kg, it’s good for your back muscles.

Now. Bring your arms forward. I mean one arm, with weight ofcourse. Horizontally. straight in front of you. Make A sideways motion, palms down. Not more than 20 degrees sideways with your whole arm. Try this again with your palms facing your other alm. So the weight points up now. Good exercise for curveballs. Try both arms, 20 repetitions each exercise.

20 push-ups.

Sit down like a catcher. arms horizontally in front of you with weights from approx 1 or 2kg. And get up standing. 10 times.

Take some rest.

Same exercise. Now jump up. 10 times.

20 push-ups.

Different exercise. Go stand with your feet about a shuffle wide. and keep going with your body from one feet, and on to the other. I might help adding shoes or something further away and touch them. Make sure the angle between your foot and knee is no more than 90 degrees. so it cant get past.

Another one. go stand on one leg. knees bent. one leg behind you and try to hit the ground. 10 times.
Now the other leg.
Same position. now try to jump. Touch the ground and try to get your toes as high as possible. 10 times.
try doing both legs!

Last exercise. You might wanna take a minute or 2 rest.

Sit-ups. One leg, straight on the ground. The other bent like in a sit-up. So it’s like a half sit-up. now do exactly the same as a sit-up. 20 times. The other leg too. Keep your leg on the ground and do not touch the ground with your back.

Now. Lie down. get your feet and legs of the ground. and go up and down. 15 times, high speed. Good for your back muscles.

sideways situps. as much as you still can. Would be about 10 each leg.

Try building your exercises up. It would be way to much, if you’ve never done that much. Try doing this one time every 2 or 3 days. Your body needs time to recover, remember that. Hope It helps for you. It did for me:P.