Pitching with Achilles Tendonitis?


I recently went on a 3 mile jog and was very sore in my lower calves afterwards. The next day, my friends wanted to go play racquetball at the nearby gym. I was still feeling sore but I didn’t want soreness to stop me. This morning however, I noticed pain in my right Achilles’ tendon whenever I walk. I was scheduled to pitch today, and figured the pain will go away later in the day. I ended up pitching very well, despite my ongoing pain in my Achilles’ tendon. After the game, I noticed I had a bump on the back of the tendon, and now I’m wondering if it’s ok to still pitch of if I should take some time off? I’m icing it throughout the day and plan on getting an Achilles’ tendon brace at the nearby pharmacy tomorrow. Any advice?


Why not go see a Dr? They can refer you to someone who can tell you what is happening. You might be able to find a good PT who can let you know what is up for little cost?

I do know that stretching your hamstrings can help take some pressure off of your achilles.

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I would be hesitant to pitch through any joint pain because you may favor that joint at the cost of an adjacent joint. The ankle is a mobile joint. If you favor it, you will attempt to limit its movement. You then run the risk of trying to use the knee to compensate for that reduced mobility. However, the knee is a stabile joint - not a mobile joint. So you may end up with a sore knee too.

You might also end up altering your delivery and not in a good way.

Best thing to do is see a doctor.


I agree with the other comments. Sorry to hear that your foot is bothering you. Let us know how your visit goes with the doctor.


I’ve been dealing with Achilles tendonopathy for two years…with that said here is what I’ve realized. Most of the problems stem from the calf. It’s not going to get better with NSAIDs. It won’t get better with stretching. What helped is foam rolling, eccentric calf exercises, range of motion type exercises and using kinesio tape.