Pitching vs. Long Toss

Which is better to help with gaining velocity. Long tossing or pitching on flat ground.

My “belief” or “opinion” is neither. Long toss really should be looked at as a conditioning tool. Also, neither long toss nor flat ground work is specific enough to transfer the skill aspects of the pitching motion on a mound. Again, my opinion only, based on whatever I’ve been exposed to over the years, such as some sport science studies. There is lots of anectodal accounts of so and so who increased his velo because of long toss but it’s questionable as to the validity of the results because the overall method of study doesn’t necessarily follow accepted scientific method.

Now, I qualified that statement by saying that it’s only what I’ve been exposed to. I’m open to seeing some “good” science to support long toss increasing velocity in pitching on a mound. Not just anecdotal accounts. That’s not “science”.

Proper mechanics and the proper functional strength and flexibility to perform those mechanics will allow you to reach your genetic maximum velocity. So, do long toss and flat ground pitching contribute to functional strength? Could be. But it’s only one piece of the puzzle.

I do a variety. Not for any special reason, but I do not always have access to a mound, so I do some flat ground and I only do long toss during the season when the coach has us to. But on my own I don’t long toss.