Pitching vs Catching

hey guys whats up.

I don’t know if you guys can help me answer this but ya i have a question on catching.

Whenever someone has seen me pitch and catch, they always say that i am a better catcher. Don’t get me wrong i am an amazing pitcher but i want to see my options as a catcher. This year my stats for pitching was an undeafeated record at 7-0.
I had 42 innings and i had i think 50 strikeouts. I was also the ace on our team. And reached a 87mph fastball.

[b]I have some questions about a catch though:

  1. Can you lift heavy weights with your upper body and can you bench press. The reason i ask this is because you need to be strong to hit the ball far and to hit for power. Also i love lifting with heavy weights on my upper body. lol.

  2. My pop time was 2.2 seconds. Don’t know if that is good. But i got a rocket arm i think.

  3. Could i practice my batting for like 4 hours a day. Would this hurt me or benefit me. Dumb question but ya. [/b]

The reason i want to maybe focus on a catcher is just because i want to lift heavy weights. Also i would love to focus on my batting. Because for a hitter you can practice it for any amount of time and get better. For pitcher all you can do is throw bullpens( i know their is a lot of drill work). but really would a catcher be better. I am 5’10 and have an amazing arm. If i bulked up. Which i love to do but haven’t because of baseball. Then would i stand a better chance at getting picked up by a college.

Also since i was about 14-present(17) i have been both a pitcher and catcher. So ya would it be okay to be a catcher instead of pitcher. Or would it be a waste. I have 1 year if i do try.
Also can you answer my questions in the bold.
Thank you.

Really need help with this topic please.

first, use good grammar.

second, if you can throw 87 mph and are “an amazing pitcher” then keep pitching…

ya well don’t post if you aren’t answering the questions or if you are going to be rude. Its more important about the information. I undestand the grammar but sometimes i mistype.

Please stay to the post

Please answer the three questions.

[quote=“FargoBaseball”]first, use good grammar.

second, if you can throw 87 mph and are “an amazing pitcher” then keep pitching…[/quote]

I would agree totally…

Well might as well get this out, to be honest your posts are a little hard to read partially because you phrase them terribly. Not only that, but I have to listen to you pump yourself up about how you have a good arm and how great you are…if you are truly throwing 87(at what age I’m not sure but it’s good no matter what) then you have talent but your attitude will be your drawback. Be humble, understand that you may be above your age or league for talent but there are thousands of guys out there better then you, and working harder then you. Buck up.

Oh and lets keep in mind you can throw 87 but can you throw good offspeed, and can you locate? There is a guy who’s throwing 100mph(his name escapes me at the moment) in the minors and will probably never get a pro ball shot because he can’t hit his spots. Fastballs are great, but if you can’t put it on the black and keep guys off balance you might as well except playing indy ball or some minor league affiliated stuff because you won’t be in the bigs with that attitude or without the stuff.

depending on your age, 5 10 is very small for a pitcher, if youre not supposed to grow up more move up to catcher, really, theres a lot of natural talent that comes to pitching, being tall is one of them, if youre not 6+ you better be VERY special and by special i dont mean throwing 87mph. so you decide where youre going.

This is a personal decision. Which do you like more? That is what I would tell you. If you truly are a better catcher that will be panned out eventually. In the mean time if I couldn’t decide I would continue to do both.

I would also recommend a dose of humble pie. Be confident but not arrogant.

thx guys.

The only reason why i would want to be a catcher opposed to a pitcher is because that catchers are mostly short. Most of them are about 5’9-5’11. You don’t see a lot of catchers who are 6’4 or 6’6.

Also i love to lift weights. Majority of catchers are huge. They need their body to block. They also should be able to hit for power.

But ya i think i could go farther as a catcher. Because the height would not restrict me going to the next level.

But ya thats it.

If you want to pitch, don’t catch ever!!! My thoughts have been never catch your shortstops and never catch your pitchers …just takes one bat in the wrong place or screwy play at home. If you got that kinda fastball then you need to be on the bump.

well i just thought that catching would get me to the next level. Not saying pitching won’t. But i don’t know how far i would go being 5’10.

The mlb is lacking catchers. Like their are a ton of good pitchers out their but far to few catchers.

I love pitching and catching.

Some benefits of catching over pitching would be:

i coud lift heavy weights to get really big(I love weightlifting)
I could practice my batting every day compared to only throwing 2 bullpens a day if i was a pitcher
i could make it to the next level and wouldn’t be stopped because of my height

So ya thats the reason why.

Last summer we caught one of our pitchers and 2nd pitch, kid came back w/the bat and broke his hand. Just like that…no pitcher.

If I read right and you are 17 that decision is about to made for you as I can’t imagine a college allowing you to play both. Talk to coaches who have actually seen you do both. If you truly love both and there are mixed opinions, then I would recommend catching for a couple reasons.

First you are right your height may limit you. While there are pitchers under 6’ most scouts/coaches want someone over 6’.

The other reason is it will be easier to go from catcher to pitcher than the other way around. There are several converted catchers but I don’t know of any former pitchers who now catch. I wouldn’t get too bulky or you could get to a point where you start losing velocity.

One thing—if you want to catch, you’re going to have to learn to handle a knuckleball. There are quite a few pitchers out there who are using it, and some of those guys have a truly devastating one. It has been said that shaking hands with a catcher who has handled too many of them is like sticking your hand into a bag of walnuts!
Jim Brosnan, in his fascinating book “Pennant Race”, tells of a time when just before the start of a game the catcher, who had been warming up one of the starting pitchers, came back to the dugout holding a towel to his face. He removed it, uncovering a badly split lip, and when asked about it exploded, “That d— Purkey! He HAS to work on his knuckleball before the game!” Well, the guy was able to play after a bit of first aid was administered, but he was very uncomfortable.
There are many aspects to catching that are sometimes overlooked—a catcher has to be able to block any pitch that threatens to get away from him; he has to chase after wild pitches; he has to be able to throw to an occupied base on a dime, to handle high popups, all sorts of things—it is NOT just playing catch with the pitcher. If, as you say, you have a good arm, you have an advantage as far as throwing out base runners attempiting to steal is concerned—but you have to have all those other elements, and lifting heavy weights will not accomplish this. Flexibility is the key. Also—and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention it—you have to be able to handle pitchers. You need to know which pitcher might just need a steadying hand and which one might require a good goosing to get him going (Yogi Berra was one of the best at this). Strategic discussions come into play. Are you ready to assume all these responsibilities? :?:

yes i am. A kid on our team had a pretty sweet knuckleball and i could handle it nicely.

Also i am great at blocking balls. That is my 2nd best attribute.

This kid on our team he throws hard. But he is inaccurate as hell. And i once blocked 14 balls in a row, he only threw 15 pitches before getting the hook. Funny thing about this is that no runs came across the plate and no one advanced.

I kind of struggle when the ball is popped up really high. But i can work on that. My bat is average, but if i do committ to catching i will practice my batting 4 hours a day. 2 hours in the morning 2 at night.

But ya i love lifting weights and i am not going to stop. I am going to stop at benching at about 250lb-300lbs. I don’t want to look huge. But i want muscle. Also more muscle means i can hit the ball harder and farther doesn’t it.

Just don’t overdo it.
As far as handling high popups is concerned, you might want to try a workout I saw the Yankees do several years ago during spring training.
They had a machine that was set to hit high popups, and it was set variously to pop up first one ball, then two, then three, and the young catchers in camp had to practice catching first one ball at a time, then two, then three. Jorge Posada demonstrated how this was done, and then the catchers were turned loose on this workout. Incidentally, I got a chuckle out of seeing how one of those guys, trying to catch three at a time, lost his balance and fell over backward on his tush with his arms and legs up in the air like some overturned bug—it reminded me of my playing days when the batters I would face would swing and miss trying to get a piece of my slider; the same thing happened to them!
In any event, good luck with your endeavor. :slight_smile: 8)