Pitching Videos

I have to make a pitching video for a few college coaches and I was wondering what angles I should use when shooting myself?

behind the catcher. side view. rear view.

In addition to the folliowing already posted:
behind the catcher. side view. rear view.

May I suggest using a perspective that can give these coaches a slightly different angle to your presentation.

B very careful here … use a folding ladder and have someone take your video from a higher angle … rather than from just ground level.

This semi-bird’s eye view can show a lot of your quality form and workable talent than just a ground level shot(s). In fact, when video taping the rear view … behind you, this presentation can highlight a lot of things that usually go unnoticed with the straight ground view.

But again, be very careful with the ladder. Make sure you have a good foundation and no movement. Also, don’t get too high so balance is a problem… not only for safety sake, but the quality of the video should be stable and not jittery.

Instead of a ladder, you might want to use your home’s back deck, or stand in the bed of a pickup truck — don’t use a ladder here with these two suggests in combination it’s too dangerous.

With using video, try and avoid long range zoom shots, they do you and the coaches that are trying to watch it no justice. Also, the more stable your picture is the less guess work goes along with it.

Coach B.