Pitching video

I posted a clip of me pitching on utube. I’m open to suggestions. I just posted it so it maynot be available for 8 hours. Also, I’m not sure how to post a link. [http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4s01z7F2B2Q] thanks

Too upright. Mostly due to your lack of stride. stride furthe…put a little oomph into you lefts aswell the legs get the arm moving.
now this could be just the angle but it looks like your front foot land too far to the first base side.
this will Limit your velocity and it might also be why yourarm motion doesnt look all that smooth.

Next time out I will check my foot plant, I usually try to point my toe to the middle of the plate. Where should I plant it in correlation to my body?
I have been working on increasing my stride. thanks for your input.

i cant really see much by the video… but 2 things i noticed other than mechanics…

1 . you look a little stiff on the mound… chew some gum relax… and
2. after the ball was hit u droped your head. u give up hits and errors happen … shake it off and go after the next guy. dont show the hitters your out of it. when you get older they will pick on it.


I see a couple things to improve:

(1) You have a posture issue at the start of your stride. Your upper torso leans back toward 2B. While you do want to lead with your front hip, you don’t want your upper torso leaning back.

(2) You have a significant lack of momentum and your stride is very short - so short that you just kind of take a step and plant with the front leg fairly straight. You need to get those hips moving faster to build up some momentum, lengthen the stride, and plant on a front leg that is bent more.