Pitching Video!

FINALLY! Got some video for y’all to dissect. First, some things you should know:

  1. This was the very last thing I did at practice. Before that, I was throwing before a radar gun to get an idea of how fast I was throwing (More on that in my pitching diary thing.)

  2. Yeah, I know the video’s a bit dark. As you can see, it wasn’t ideal baseball or video weather in Portland today. Also, the iphone camera sucks rabid donkey balls.

  3. First and fourth pitches are over hand, second and fifth are side, and the third is underhand, in case you didn’t spot it :smiley:

You’re throwing all arm and it doesn’t seem like you’re trying to be honest. No drive.

Well to be honest, even when I was throwing my ass off, it never looked like I was trying too hard. That’s because I like to keep everything simple. Still, it works for me. But you’re right. I had already thrown over 100 pitches before this, and I just wanted to capture the basics.

You’re right in one area. I was throwing all arm when I was throwing overhand. However, you can see me drive through the sidearm pitch at :15; that’s why my right leg torqued to my left. And in the underhand delivery, the drive through the pitch came with the step forward with the right foot; just like you see in softball.

What really leaped out to me was my stride. Now, being both a knuckleball pitcher as well as a sidearm hurler, I fully understand that that a big stride is not good. Still, I can’t help but wonder if maybe I can stride a little longer and gain extra drive that way while still keeping my sidearm offerings and knuckler effective.

It’s already been said but ill put it in my language. COME’ON!! Throw the ball like you mean it!! Get angry/aggressive. (now I’m not giving anyone permission to do chewing tobacco) but every time I pitch, whether it be practice, a personal bullpen, or in a game, every single time i step on a mound, the first thing I do is throw in a huge lip of Skoal Wintergreen Longcut, the next thing I do is step on that mound and say to myself “This is my mound, I’m the boss of this field, that home plate is mine, and that stupid #### (you get the idea) is in my batter’s box.” just by doing that all I wanna do is throw a hole through my catcher’s glove. Having an intent to throw makes a difference, when I first started pitching (sophomore year of HS) i tried to keep everything smooth and relaxed, the result was topping out at 64-65 mph, after I had enough of that I started talking to Jon Huizinga (professional pitcher mainly in independent leagues) and he told me to get angry when I throw and put an intent to throw hard in my mind. Next time I threw, I was clocked at 75-76 (more then a 10 mph increase in one throwing session)

When you have an intent to throw and don’t focus on your mechanics, your body naturally throws the ball in a way your body knows it can get the most velocity out of it.

Anyone feel free to critique or debate that I say, im always looking to learn!

Most of us who participate on this forum are serious, hard working, dedicated athletes and/or parents of athletes. From this video I see a joker.

Those underhanded and side armed throws are in line with the quality of your camera.

How about you get serious and use your real damn motion, with your real damn arm slot with some real damn tempo!!! You know like you got a pair. Otherwise go post on that other site where he’ll be glad to take your money.


PREACH :pray:

You are not putting any effort into anything. Looks like you are playing a lazy game of bouncing a ball off a wall. You are putting more effort into catching the return than you are into making the throw. :shock:

You are wasting the time of anyone who clicks on that link with the honest intent to help you. You are giving us nothing, so you will get nothing until your effort and seriousness improve dramatically.

I am not sure if you are an “odd duck” or trolling. Without echoing the others, this has to be a put on. You are under a bridge, no mound, goofy green bozo sneakers, and you are throwing like a sissy. And I apologize to any sissies that I may have offended.
It would be if I went to a serious golf site and asked people to analyze my swing mechanics. And then I posted a video of myself in sneakers, cargo shorts, a Bruins Hockey Jersey, a backwards baseball cap and then did my best Happy Gilmore running swing. Is anyone really supposed to take this serious?