Pitching Video - Need Feedback on Mechanics

Hi I’m posting a vid of me pitching. Any comments/feedback/Tips would be appreciated. I am throwing 60’6 flatground and the fence i’m throwing to is not flat it’s concave.

What are your concerns and issues? You look pretty solid. I like your arm action, you get some nice sinking movement.
Is there any chance of seeing maybe a side view from a mound?
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hey thanks for commenting.

I guess I don’t have any concerns, just putting this out there to see if anybody notices anything that I could improve on or even comments like yours saying how it looks solid.

I’ve been working on my mechanics for a while say past 6 months. I’ve been reading books, online sites like chris o’leary and this site, studying video. I have to say the first five months were pretty fustrating cause I never got that “arm going for the ride” feeling. Plus I was playin ball during this and everytime i went on the mound I was experimenting with something different all the time and never seeing or feeling any improvement. but this past month I noticed that I opened my hips very early in my delivery and fixed it by keeping my posting foot parallel to the rubber all the way into my landing and keeping it like that when I turned my stride foot toward home plate to open my hips.

Thanks again for the comment!

Well get us some mound stuff and let us see.

A mound would help. I also like your arm motion, it looks like you throw smooth and don’t use too much effort and have pretty good pop on your pitch.

I guess some people might say by taking the ball out of your glove early and then going to back to your glove you may tip your pitches but I don’t know if a batter can see the ball or not. Do you do that during games?

yea. when I looked at the video I thought everything was good, the only thing i thought i could work on is my arm action. I think my arm goes a little too far back and you made a good point about tipping to the batters. I think instead of bringing it so far back I can bend my elbow a bit to keep the ball in front or even with my body so it doesn’t go behind. I just don’t want to get any inverted L arm action I think thats why my arm goes long and behind my body.

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don’t modify the arm going back, it is part of how you naturally load your scapula, and I think if you modify it you will lose some velocity. If you have friends that admit you tip them off this way, then perhaps you can modify it, but there are MLB pitchers that you can see the ball when it is behind them. David Aardsma

[quote]Hey, don’t be offended. I still watch Thomas the Tank Engine!

whatever floats your boat :lol: I guess it’s better than watching barney :o

another pitcher that seems to have a long arm action is roy oswalt. I have seen some pics of him from a batters view and you can see the ball behind him. I think when healthy he is in the top 10 pitchers in the league. Plus his injuries have all been non arm.

with my arm action I feel no stress and it’s just going for the ride. the only thing i do purposely is getting it up toward the high cock position after that it goes into whip mode. I threw a bullpen this past saturday and when I threw my curve I felt no stress at all, it was amazing.

It made me think of what tom house has in his book The Pitching Edge, that no one pitch is more stressful than the other when thrown properly.

I def experienced that

Do you use Tom House’s Towel Drills? If you have, what is your opinion of them? I think they can be good for working on getting your release in sync with the front leg. You can work on getting your release in sync with the front leg for a curve as well.

I don’t use the towel drill with a towel. I just do a dry throw (without ball). I have some issues with the towel drill because I think it can put too much emphasis on the arm doing the work.

In the drill pics I see a guy reaching out way further than a pitcher normally releases the ball.

If you look at some of the pics of roger clemens, I’m just picking him I could pick anybody else for this example.


In pic 99.2 he is releasing the ball high and closer to his body. With the towel drill you are holding on to it and bringing it (with force) out way further. Reaching well past your stride foot, reaching with force and tension to direct the towel to hit the glove. This is not safe for the arm because if you take a look at pics 106-107 of roger clemens his arm is well into the deceleration phase with the ball already on its way to the plate by a good 8-10 feet when his arm is straight out in front of his body. He is not purposly reaching to get out that far, it’s natural, and he does not have any intended application of force on his arm when it’s out that far (he is actually in the early stage of deceleration). In the towel drill this is not the case.

The towel drill is good but not with the towel lol if that makes any sense.

You like solid. I especially like the use of your hips and your smooth and effortless arm action. A mound vid would definitely help. How much velocity do you have?