Pitching velocity

I have a few questions for you guys that i am struggeling with myself.
Im a South African ball player(well i started recently) that plays one of the 3 big world sports…cricket.Now a lot of guys in the cricketting world told me that i have a really good arm.Now i’ve always been interrested in baseball but beeing in SA makes it a bit difficult to play.Now i have recently been traingin with the national baseball squad.Now according to them my mechanics are non existend,and that i only throw with my arm.Now we have a couple of Cuban coaches who took a look at me and said that i was throwing(not really pitching because of mechanics) between 86-88mhp.Now they say if i can get into the 90’s i would have a chance if scouts saw me, and that i could easily get to 90+ with good mechanics.Now the thing that makes them so interrested in me,is because i am left handed.I am 24 years of age, not a big guy…1.82meter and 82Kg’s(in your terms 6 feet tall and about 189 pounds)and was wondering what your thoughts on this would be.Can i get a lot quicker and how much?

Sounds like you’re big enough, assuming your mechanics are sound.

Check out this picture of Casey Fossum…

He seemingly has no muscles to speak of, yet can throw the ball hard. That’s because he throws with his body and not his arm.

The key thing to notice in this photo is to notice how his hips are facing home plate while his shoulders are facing 1B. This stretches the muscles of his torso and enables them to powerfully pull his shoulders around.