pitching velocity

im 15 years old and i throw a fastball around 68 mph. how can i improve my pitching speed and what should be my target speed?

if your 15 and thorw 68 thats great

but after reveiwing your mechenics video i HIGHLY doubt you go over 60

your all arm with no legs hip or body to help

proper mechinics will help you thorw faster

long toss helps too

how do i use more legs and hips? should i have a higher leg kick?

No, it’s not that.
When he said that you need to use your legs and hips more he meant that you need to have better mechanics.
Try to keep your shoulder closed through all your motion, until your hips open up. Actually you should, first open up your hips THEN open up your shoulders.

how do i keep my shoulders closed? i’m not really sure what that means.

Take a look at this photo by Casey Fossum that Chris O’Leary posted:

Notice how rotated is the hips already (facing home plate) when the chest is still facing the camera (maybe the dugout). This is what we call keeping the shoulders closed.
You should try to keep them the more you can to try to create that difference between the hips and the shoulders that you can clearly see in that picture. This, along with the vertical movement of the torso (the forward movement) is one of the suppliers of power, and then velocity to your pitches.
Actually you won’t be able to do as much as Fossum does, this is an extreme. Don’t try stretch it that much, you might hurt yourself, but you should try to keep your shoulders closed.

Sometimes when I try to keep the shoulders closed the more I can I end up “throwing across the body”, I end up with my momentum carrying me to the 1B side of home plate instead of directly towards it.
Maybe some guys with more pitching knowledge can help you better at this, but any questions I would be happy to try to answer it.

We’re talking about individual components of the pitching motion here, such as hip / shoulder separation or using the legs more but these will get him nowhere without a basic understanding of the entire pitching motion. How does he transition from one spot to the next?

I suggest you find some good reference material that describes the entire motion and work on that for a while before posting more video. On a positive note, your arm action isn’t so far off. It just needs some guidance and some help from the rest of your body.

If you can’t find any good reading or videos, PM me and I’ll see what I can dig up for you.