Pitching velocity in Mens senior League Baseball

What is the average fastball pitching velocity that you see in your Mens Senior League?

The average velocity I would think would be around high 70’s and low 80’s

Something around there that is a place were the speeds could vary a lot though I would say mid 60’s to low 80’s

In my experience velocity varies greatly among pitcher in the MSBL 35+ leagues. I would say that most are in the low to high 70’s. Some of the better pitchers hit low to mid 80’s ( 80-84).

This year I have seen two pitchers who I believe can hit upper 80’s with their fastballs. One is Chuck Hennesly Jr who I beleive played in The SF Giants organization and pitched a few innings in the bigs.

The second is a guy on my team who played some college ball. He throws very hard but is more of a thrower than a pitcher.

Many years ago there was a guy named Al Jones who pitched in the bigs and he could hit 90.

These guys are rare. I’ve probably faced over 200 different pitchers in local league play as well as national tournaments and guys who can throw 80+ are in the top 5-10% of all pitchers.

most pitches we face are in the low to mid 70s, some slower than that, there are maybe 6 included myself they will throw above 80