Pitching Underarm


Hi all, I’m new to baseball (been playing fastpitch Softball most of my life). So excuse me if my question sounds silly.

I’m not a baseball pitcher, but because I play in a low grade here in Australia, sometimes during towards the last few innings, I’m asked to pitch, so here’s my silly question:-

I would like to try and pitch an “Underarm” style pitching. It’s something from a Softball windmill pitch, but instead of making a windmill, this pitching style is like a 1/2 (half) windmill. Do I make this confusing? Because in Softball we have fastpitch, slowpitch and also an “UnderArm FastPitch”. I was thinking if I can use this UnderArm fastpitch in baseball?

Just curious.



I’ve seen fastpitch softball and the motions prior to, during, and after the pitch may give you some problems with respect to rules of the game for pitchers’ Baseball has demanding rules for pitchers. Can-do, and can’t do are worth looking into before you make your venture.
However, I see nothing wrong with the effort, not a bit. As long as you address the rules of the game, your conduct in contact with the rubber and all that entails. You will find that working off a pitcher’s mound will be a lot different and will cause you something to think about.
I do believe that you’re gong to find “with runner’s on” to be a challenge…for sure. But heck, I’d like to see some game video - it should be fun.


Thanks Coach Baker.

I appreciate your comments and feedback. Somehow I think that the “UnderArm” motion of a Softball Fastpitch “should” be able to be applied in my baseball pitching, but I am not completely sure since I am new to baseball.

Further to this, is there a rule of the way I stand on the pitcher’s plate? For example, can I face the batter (face to face) like a Softball pitcher does? Or is baseball pitching rules specific in the way that you need to stand with your legs apart and facing 3rd base (if you’re a right handed pitcher)? The reason I’m asking is because for me to launch an UnderArm Softball Style fastpitch, requires me to stand “head on” or “facing” the batter.

I’m curious if I can bend this pitching rule and pitch this way - not trying to be smart or anything, but my underarm velocity is faster than my overarm (something to do with my shoulder problem), and also because I used to pitch Softball.

And last but not least, curious to see how the batters react to an underarm pitch, rather than the normal baseball pitch.

Thanks again Coach.



On the web, call up Baseball Rules: 8.00 The Pitcher You’ll get all your answers there and in detail.


Mounds will make it tough to use what I visualize as an underarm motion.