Pitching Tryouts


today was the first day of pitching tryouts
i did pretty good
i was just kinda wild
my velocity was up there with everyone else
i probaly wont be a starter
anybody got any tips for control


Who are you trying out for?

Practice, practice, practice

More practice



Mechanics practice.


try throwing 50 to 60% batting practice to guys in the cage off a mound. if you’re having trouble throwing strikes, move the hitter up until you can consistently throw strikes and then keep moving them back. smooth, easy strikes. when you can throw 80% strikes back up until you can throw 80% strikes at 60% all day long. smooth, easy, fun. your hitters will love you too


Also of course make sure that you aren’t flying open. Make sure that you land with the ball of your foot, not the heel. Keep it slightly turned in towards the 3rd base side if you’re a righty or towards 1st if you’re a lefty. Make sure that you’re getting a good stride and not short arming it. And if you’re going to miss, miss low and on the correct side your catcher wants it.


[quote]Who are you trying out for?
school team sussex tigers

today i pitched live to batters
i gave up one hit on a curve
i was very wild again
i was trying to throw hard cause it was the last day of practice and pitchers only threw a half a inning
but my fastball was straight, curve loopy & slider sharp
i might make the team


I’m not sure why you want a straight fastball :?


i also can throw a cutter and two seam
my straight fastball/four seam is my main pitch