Pitching to Location

Is there any good drills to work on location? I feel like I am throwing a lot of outside pitches when the catcher is calling inside. Thanks.

Drills? Yes. Your drills should include a good pitching coach that’ll walk you through a variety of things that pertain to your mechanics, the quality of the surface that your pitching off, your overall health and a ton of other things too many to mention here. This media has many limitations in this regard.

In response to your question on location, the reasons are very complex and dynamic based on many things like where you are in the game - play at the plate or pitch for the hit, etc. But to answer your question in its most basic form, here are some reasons for location(s) to give you the best possible % for a successful outcome in your favor.

These may be a little too demanding for youth ball, however, there’s something to work on as you progress up.

A good example of how these batting postures work against a batter, and to your favor, is when the batter extends the front arm and elbow out. This extension of the front arm and elbow actually blocks the batter’s view of the inside and outside corner of the zone, thus making his swipe path very weak in quality hits in those areas. However, if the batter has a strong torso, and uses it in the process of covering his swipe bath across the plate, the going inside – NOT OUTSIDE, is your pitch. Take a good look at the batter below and you’ll see one of these batting postures with the front arm and elbow actually working against him.

There are numerous other combinations – 42 to be exact, but all that is for very advanced game scenario pitching.

Coach B.