Pitching to a hitter that is buntting

How do pitch a batter that squares on the wind-up. I say inside fast ball.Any comments . thanks

Depends what your goal is. One common strategy is a fastball up in the zone to induce a pop-up.

A high inside pitch is probably the most difficult for a batter to try to bunt, so you can’t go wrong with that. What you want to do is get him to pop up or bunt foul—and remember, if he bunts foul with two strikes he;s automatically out, and a very nice strikeout it is, 8)

Depends on the situation. Early in a game he’s giving you an out so just pop it in there and take the out. A close game late though I’d go with high and inside or a low breaking pitch. The first one can induce a pop-up and the second one can induce a miss, foul ball or keep the ball close enough to the catcher to get the lead runner anyways.

I like throwing really inside and up, right at his hands, make him either get out of the way or bunt a tough pitch.

Thanks guys good stuff

Consider throwing a strike…he’s giving you an out.