Pitching tips

Tops, If your a freshman and you are throwing in the low 70’s you are RIGHT where you need to be at this time. Beings you are a young man it would not be prudent for me to tell you what type of training you should be doing. I do not know you so I do not have the information that is required to give you the right format to pursue in regards to training. I can and will say this, other than your rotater cuff and the muscles of your lower arm using a 1 or 2 lb. dumbell will NOT do a thing in regards to actually getting your bigger muscles stronger. In fact its a waste of time with no effort. Now id not the time to be lifting to build more strength anyways you are now inseason. Typically a person who has trained up until their season starts will do a maintainence type of workout 1 or perhaps 2 days a week so they do not lose the strength they have built. You should be doing your rotater cuff strengthening tubing or light dumbells throughout your season to remain healthy. I would highly suggest that if you are aspiring to be the very best you can be than after your season is over you talk with a trainer or somebody that knows how to incorporate a training regiman for you to begin. I can guarantee you that other than perhaps the cuff and lower arm muscles you will NOT touch a 1 or 2 lbs dumbell due to the fact that other than for those specific areas that little of weight is USELESS to say the least.

I’m certainly not against all strength training. Some can be very valuable. However, you have to do the right exercises and I do not believe that benching and squatting are particularly relevant to pitching.


Why? I would focus on the muscles around the hips and torso since those are the ones that help to rotate the torso and shoulders.

You are lost! Are you actually going to tell me that squatting does not target hip flexors? Cleans,snatches done correctly require the EXACT same transfer from ankle,knee,hips as many sporting activities, they are the BEST by far.

Of course it will, and as he gets older he should use heavier weights. However, given his current age (14) he should start with lighter weights.

I agree with lighter weights! A 1 or 2 lb. weight is not lighter weight its USELESS weight

You should also keep in mind that Tom Seaver never used very heavy dumbbells. Probably 5 pounders at the most.

Tom Seaver is NOT relevant to this disscussion. What a person did 25-30 years ago is OLD NEWS CHRIS!

I completely agree. However, they have to be the right kinds of exercises focused on the right parts of the body (e.g. torso and shoulders).[/quote]

Chris believe me the very last thing on Gods green earth that I need is a lesson from you on how to train anybody in regards to EVERYTHING, Ive been working in this area and have been doing it far longer than you have been reading or looking at a photo album. Give a me abreak man… Better yet I will give myself a break from your NONSENSE, go play pitching guru,training guru,medical guru with somebody whos in your league,perhaps your own son!!! Leave working with other peoples kids to the people that are trained and actually have a clue as to what they are saying. You simply read, concoct some goofy notion and run FOREST RUN! Good luck Chris, especially with those 1 and 2 lbs dumbells, DUMBELL!!!

Allow me to chime in here, please. My son is 15 and is a lefty pitcher, a wild one at that :slight_smile: The last few years he has had chronic back pain and arm pain during the baseball season. Last summer we started lifting weights together and the results have been amazing. No back pain and no arm pain this entire season so far. I live in Florida and we started throwing in January.

We bench press low reps and heavy weight, squat, and deadlift; we also do shoulder routines, tricepts, etc. He’s gotten bigger and much faster. His max bench is around 185 and he is squating 275 for 4 reps. Stiff legged deadlifts in particuliar have helped my son’s back. It should also be noted that I myself am a powerlifter. I squat and deadlift twice every week. If I lift heavy too many days in a week I get hip pain. This means that the hips are involved in squating and deadlifting. Further, the nature of a squat forces a person’s core to be involved in the lift which will translate over to power in pitching. Of course, this is not all there is to it, nor are these the only factors. I am no doctor, but I do know lifting has helped my son. I should also add that we throw off the mound 3 to 4 days a week.

Thanks for all the help so far but i got one last question (i think). besides lifting and throwing outside or something like that what else can i do to get better?

Mental game :slight_smile: