Pitching tip 521


You stated in this email that we are seeing more arm injuries to youth because they are not throwing enough. My question is:

My son is 13, just got done with the season and now we head out 2 days a week and pitch around 40 - 50 pitches (not including warm up). Is that enough or should he be doing more. He will start doing some long toss again soon as well. How often should he be throwing the ball other than pitching?


My son and I throw a baseball 5 or more times per week. Three of those we just play catch and talk. We throw pretty hard, but certainly not max effort. We throw a pen every 3 days now that we are not playing, but still not ready to pack it in for the winter. 60 pitch pens now through the fall.
As we get to football season, we will toss a football around once or twice per week instead of playing catch with a baseball.


Key point in CoachPaul’s post is that there is a distinction between “pitching” and “throwing”.

Also, organizations like ASMI recommend 2 or more contiguous months off from all overhand throwing each year for youth.