Pitching/Throwing Clinic

I’m in the process of finalizing the format for a youth pitching/throwing clinic that I’ll be doing in March. I have done a number of these in the past, but coming from a “belief-based” background and seeing the need to include the latest from science-based tehnology, I want to be sure I “touch all bases”.

While input from Chris O’Leary has been of TREMENDOUS help to me in making sure my info is valid, I’m asking you other coaches for additional help.

With the understanding that this clinic is geared to youth baseball (and presuming that you’ve already attended a number of clinics in the past) what do you believe is essential to be covered?

What wasn’t covered in any clinics you’ve attended, but should have been? (or was mentioned, but not covered in enough detail?)

What area(s) do you think I should place the greatest emphasis on?

Feel free to add anything that you think is relevant?


Where are you putting this on? How old are the pitchers and for how long do you have to work with them (i.e. a few hours a day, a couple times a week)?