Pitching/throwing and quarterback training

My son is 12 years old and his just started training over the past few weeks. He is also going to quarterback training. Last week he had quarterback training for a couple of hours and then went to his baseball practice later in the day where they worked on pitching. He threw about 50 pitches and then caught for a couple of pitchers. The next day he said his arm was sore (back of shoulder and back of bicep). So my question is how bad is it that he is training for both? Is there just as much wear and tear involved with throwing a football as there is with throwing a baseball? Unfortunately the quarterback lessons and baseball practice will fall on the same day for the next two months. Once baseball season started I planned on not sending him to quarterback lessons. Thanks!

I would recommend against doubling up the pitching with any other overhand activity (I.e. quarterback, tennis, volleyball).

You are OVER USING him.

Just do the QB training for now, It develops a lot of complimentary muscles and strength for throwing a baseball.

There is so much to lose than to gain by doing both at the same time. But, in another month, you want to start focusing on Baseball in prep for the upcoming spring season.

You could do both if you can do one, or the other, during a midweek session. And since I don’t know the intensity of each, I would say he should have at least 3 days rest between each one. AND, I would not have him throwing as a catcher while he is doing pitching training.

Sounds like the baseball coach doesn’t know, or care, how to deal with a pitcher/catcher combination player. And certainly not one who is doing QB training.

Which begs this question: Does the baseball coach know about the intensity of QB training? Because if he does, he should be shot!

Lastly, you are the father/parent. You are responsible for your son’s health. You can’t afford to depend on anyone else. If his arm/shoulders still hurt, he needs more rest and perhaps some strengthening during the week. Please don’t have him continue to throw in either training if his arm doesn’t feel strong enough at this point.