Pitching & Tennis

Just some general comments…

I see references to kids mixed with references to adults in this discussion. We have to be careful there because workload protocols for adults and not always appropriate for kids.

I also see references to players “back in the day”. Well, back in the day, there was more unstructured activity than there is today. As JD pointed out, when kids got tired, they quit whatever it was they were doing. Today, kids keep going until the structured activity (think “weekend travel ball tournament”) is complete and the adults dismiss them.

Finally, when it comes kids back in the day not having limitations placed on them versus kids today having limitations placed on them, we have to acknowledge there were differences in the environmental conditions then and now. Back then, kids didn’t play mostly/entirely in structure settings, they didn’t play one sport all year round, they didn’t play on multiple teams at the same time and they didn’t play in weekend-long tournaments.