Pitching success factors - what would you add to this list?


Several things are key to pitching success. What else would you add based on your experience in the game?

  1. First pitch strikes.

  2. Get two strikes as fast as possible.

  3. Location, location, location.

  4. Great off-speed pitch (preferably a change up) that does not involve slowing the arm down or lobbing it up there.

  5. The ability to pitch inside. I don’t mean the inside corner; I mean up under the hitter’s hands in and off the plate. Make that 17" plate 19-20".


6 - Think about the game’s layout, field dimensions, player placement and their purpose.
7 - Reason out why do things happen with the highest and lowest probability.
8 - Learn by observation.
9 - Consider human tendencies under emotional stress.
10 - Understand yourself under stress.
11 - Discipline yourself to a healthy lifestyle.
12 - Respect yourself first, then apply to others.
13 - Respect authority.
14 - When in your gut you know it’s time to walk … walk away, stay away.


Above all—trust your stuff! Know what pitches are working for you and go with your best pitch—and if you find that one of your pitches isn’t behaving itself, isn’t doing what you want it to do, put it back on the shelf and go with what is working. You can address that problem a day or two later in a bullpen session.


Proper nutrition

The number of variables in the success equation are endless.


A good breaking ball early in the count for a strike generally works for a pitcher because most hitters don’t mess with them until they are at two strikes.
Pitch away from the hitter’s known strength.
Force him to hit to the side of the field you choose.
Control all real estate between the batter’s boxes.
Have a plan for each batter adjust based upon results
Make him put the ball in play in the first four pitches w/o RISP.