Pitching Strength

A study done in 1973 by Peterson reported the following:

Contributions to baseball velocity calculated over a 9.15m distance immediately following release;

Legs and Hips 37%
Trunk and Shoulder Rotation 15%
Arm 24%
Hand 24%

Arm strength contributes to 48% of a pitchers throwing velocity.
If you want to be able to use the power developed by the larger muscles of the legs, hips and torso; the shoulder, arm, forearm, wrist and fingers must be stronger relative to the body.

In other words, arm strength is more important than core strength because the arm has less muscle mass than the trunk.

Great post bro!!

I don’t completely understand the research. What do you mean by immediately following release? Are you talking about the deceleration?

The main problem with your conclusion that arm strength is more imporant is that the core is the “base” of your arm, and your legs are the “base” of the core. Your strength in your arm is useless if you don’t have a firm foundation going all the way to the ground.

The bottom line is that you are limited by your weakest point. If your weakest point is your arms, then your arms will hold you back. If your weakest point is your core, then it wil hold you back. The same for your legs. Any point between the ground and your fingertips will affect performance and velocity.

Another question I would have is what does arm strength mean. Are you talking about doing curls, benching, or a more broad sense of the words arm strength?

I haven’t seen this research, and I would love to, but the limited information given does not mean that arm strength is more important than core or leg strength.