Pitching strength

Could someone please help me im lookking for some drills and ways to get my 13 year son in shape his a good pitchers but he wants to get in the best shape he can could someone tell what exercises to do. and he wants to know if if you think his to young to do any kind of weight program thanks.

Try either Steven Ellis’ TuffCuff program or Barry Lovelace’s Core Strength workouts.

Doug McGuff’s book “Body by Science” blows all the others out of the water!

Old question, new answers, currently applies to my son. Just starting to get on him about thinking about Spring Ball…signups are second weekend in January and games start in Feb! Gotta love Florida.

I am going to the bookstore tomorrow I will look for these books for him (Christmas present?).

Above all, do a lot of throwing—even if it’s just playing catch for fifteen or twenty minutes a day.
Several days ago I watched Bob Costas’ interview with Bob Feller on the MLB Network, and Feller astutely observed that a big problem with today’s pitchers is they just don’t throw enough. Whether it be just playing catch or doing a bullpen session, regular throwing is just about the best way to strengthen the arm. My pitching coach told me, “Throw every day”, and I did that—not only to strengthen the arm but also to keep it loose and flexible and thus avoid injury. 8)