Pitching Strategy

Is this a good strategy? Let me know

Make the hitter hit the fastball
Throw Change ups for strikes
Throw Change up when behind in count
0-2 1-2 2-2 go for strike out
{Up in in} {inside} {down and away}
Make pitchers pitches to get strike out
How hitter react to my fastball in begging of game
When ever ahead in the count throw pitchers pitch that looks like a strike and is a ball.
Get Ahead with strikes get them out with balls
Make Adjustments on what you are trying to do
When everything goes bad regroup
2 pitches over when want to
Pitch Inside
Work both sides of plate
Get smarter
0-2 off speed in dirt same with 1-2 , 2-2 and 3-2 back to step one get ahead
Have a elephant remember all batter last pitches
1-5 hitter can hurt you 6-9 hitter can hurt you if you walk them
One Pitch at a time
Think in dugout
Don’t let thing get to you

50% out of stretch and 50% windup
Prepare fb chgup and brkin ball
Down, up in hands
Throw 1 of 2 pitches for strikes
Good location works better then Stuff
In-between work on pitches that are not working
Strike zone top of knees to shoulder arm pit
1-1 count most important count you need to throw a strike
If you want to know if a batter can hit your fastball throw it inside
In N Out Up N Down
Don’t throw change up in zone till he hits fastball
2-0 2-1 2-2 3-2 throw change up
Up n in fastball to inside hitter
Double up on change up or curveball
0-2 1-2 get them to chase
2-2 3-1 3-0 box your pitches get hitter to hit the ball on corners
2-2 double up on change up
Good off-speed hitter, miss with it and fastball inside

Those are all certainly things to consider and, of course, which of those you select will depend on the situation at hand.

I’d point out, however, that not all coaches believe in wasting pitches on 0-2, 1-2, and 2-2 counts. Some coaches believe in going after the batter. And that can have a ramification on pitch counts.

No question: Pitchers should NOT waste pitches. I really hate that mentality. Go right after guys, pitch after pitch. If you can put a guy away in three strikes, throw three strikes – and not a pitch more than that! If you can put a guy away in four pitches, put him away in four – and not a pitch more than that. “Waste” pitches don’t “set up” other pitches … they’re simply a waste.

“Pitchers should NOT waste pitches”

I gotta get you to send a “Moronogram” to a varsity coach here in Green Cove…he wants the 0-2 way off the plate and Mr. Bringingdeheat (My son) butts heads over it constantly, he just can’t seem to relinquish that little bit of wisdom to his coach. He tries to get away with it by climbing the ladder or saying oops he missed…but his instincts are to get folks out not give them chances.

The intent is to get the hitter out with every pitch you throw. “Waste pitches” are wasted pitches. If you are in a pitch around situation it’s a series of 0-2 locations or just walk the hitter intentionally.

On or out in 3 pitches. Nothing is worse than the following scenario. Get a hitter 0-2, throw a wasted 10’ high chain link fastball or a 55’ breaking ball to get to 1-2, try to throw a fine strike but having to recover from a release point that is so far away from your strike throwing release point that you go 2-2, telling yourself at 2-2 that you can’t go to 3-2 and throwing a ball to go to 3-2 and telling yourself not to walk this hitter and walking him. You have thrown 6 pitches,walked the hitter , and you have crushed your team’s defensive focus. With more of a pitch to contact philosophy on 0-2 this will not happen. Worse case scenario is you throw a fine strike and the hitter gets a hit. You have saved 3 pitches over the 6 pitch,pitch away from contact, walk and you keep your defense in the game.

Keep in mind that sixty seven % of all fairly hit balls in the Big Leagues are outs.