Pitching strategy-U9- runner taking leads, batter shows bunt

what should i instruct my pitcher to do when runner on second is attempting to take a lead and batter is squaring to bunt. we are having problems restricting the lead since players are trying to react to the bunt, thereby moving to different positions. i have told the pitcher to not pitch unless the shortstop is breaking to third ahead of the runner and to throw to the base or step off the rubber. he usually ends up pitching the ball and the runner advances.c an someone tell me how to defend this situation?

Throw a strike, field the bunt and get the out at 1st. I wouldn’t worry about much more at 9.

There are different ways, I think what you are currently doing is a “Wheel play”, 3rd base crashes, SS rotates to 3rd, 1st base stays back. It works when the bases are at 90 feet! I would do this and how I have taught younger teams to do it, when the guy squares to bunt, have the pitcher step off an set the defense (this kinda freaks the other team out) have the pitcher tell the 3rd baseman to stay back and that, “I (the pitcher) have the line”, then have him tell the 1st baseman that he has the bunt on that side, 2nd baseman covers 1st base, SS to 2nd base, “GET THE OUT AT 1ST”!!! If they are willing to give you an out, take it.

Usually this gets the other coaches to wonder what is going on and potentially take the play off.

I agree. Throw a strike and take the out at first. In 9U you are not going to throw out a lot of kids stealing second with open bases(leading off).