Pitching Stances please reply

I have noteced that in MLB games that sometimes a pitcher will have a different stance if there are men on base and if there are no men on base. Fore example, a pitcher might work from a hole long ritual like both feet on the rubber with the front of his body facing home plate, and when there are no men on base and when there are men on base he might work from a stretch, why is that? Is it because the runners will have an easier time stealing if the windup is longer?


You got it.

Exactly. The whole point of working from the stretch with a runner or runners on base is to make it more difficult for a runner to get a good lead and (horrors) steal a base. Quite a few pitchers don’t use any kind of windup at all—one of the first to do this was Don Larsen; he had this no-windup delivery, just got the ball and threw it, and you know what he did in the 1956 World Series.
The pitchers who either use a high leg kick or are slow to the plate or (horrors) both are the ones most likely to get not only the base stolen on them but also their shoes stolen from off their feet :slight_smile: if the don’t watch out. So it’s a good idea to work from the stretch with runners on—and if you can do it, use the slide-step. I did that all the time, and I found that using the slide-step increased the speed of my delivery to the plate, which was bad news for the hitters because they could not set themselves for what I would throw next (I had just about everything but a fast ball).