Pitching Speeds

I live in New Zealand and have started to pitch a bit. The problem is that there are no baseball grounds in my city or anywhere in New Zealand, therefore no mound. How does a baseball mound affect your pitching speed or doesn’t it have any impact on it?? Also where is it best to place a speed gun?

Also since im fairly new to pitching is it expected that say 14 and upwards pitchers are going to be quicker than me as they have grown up with baseball, been through training for all those years as where I am no just taking it up at age 17?


Well when you throw off a mound, your throwing down hill, unlike when you throw on even ground. So you could get more push off a mound than off even ground. So it probably would have an affect on your pitching speed. And when you use a pitching gun you probably want to place it somewhere behind the plate.

A radar gun should be placed as close as possible to in-line with the path of the pitch. However, being a few feet off in one direction or another usually won’t make much difference.

You can expect to be throwing slower than younger players at first. It will take a while to develop arm strength and technique. That’s a good thing because if you were able to throw 80+ mph the first time out you’d destroy your arm almost immediately. It takes time to build up the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones to handle the stresses of pitching at high speeds.

A mound usually contributes 1 or 2 mph to velocity but that isn’t always the case. You have to learn how to transfer the additional momentum you get from throwing off a mound to added velocity on the ball.