Pitching speeds

i was wondering, is their a way to judge how hard a pitcher is going to throw in the future. if my son is 6-1 and 14 years old, and his weight is 145lbs . he is only throwing 68 to 72 mph. can one project wht he is going to end up throwing when he is 18 years old. also is their a category where for a certain age group , they should be throwing at certain speeds.

I don’t no of anything that judges height and weight… But i no of this website that shows pitching speeds by age, not sure how acurate it really is but…


when i was 14 years old i was throwin 69. now i am 15 and i throw 75-76

I would say the speeds on webball are inflated, for a number of reasons, the main being that the speeds are submitted but individuals and velocity often seems to jump a bit from in the distance of the gun to the brain to the mouth.

I myself am 15 as well, my velocity numbers mirrored zforce’s.

well im 21 years old and i throw in the upper 80’s but i need to throw harder if i dont wanna get rocked. but i have a lots of braking pitches to back me up

There is no real way to predict how hard someone will throw as so many different things take into effect for example your son may have a growth spurt which ive seen can really effect a pitcher. Also your son may get better mechanically which will make him throw harder * not to say he doesn’t have good mechanics now*. I would say your son is just fine and you don’t have a whole lot to worry about, if he keeps working hard things should pan out.

I am 14 years old, 6’ 143 and I throw 68-72. I hope I can get faster as I get older.

I’m 15, 136 / 5’ 9", and I throw mostly upper 70s and I may hit 80 sometimes.

So an update. I have had baseball tryouts this week and we got clocked on the gun. For only pitching for the second time this year, my fastest was 73 I believe. The varsity coach advised me though that I need to bring my arms out elbow first, which will increase a person like me’s speed 5 mph or more.