Pitching speed?

I’m a freshman in high school now and am 6’2” 185lbs throwing 83-85 and on the varsity team my first year. Is this a good speed to be at for a freshman?

That is good. I would say focus on spotting the fastball. Velocity is great but many can hit a mistake. start playing with the grip. you can throw a variety of fastball options and not even need a breaking ball in HS. My son (a junior) throws a straight 4, cutter, 2 seam and sinker and has good success and these are fairly easy transitions. I would take a pitcher that has lower velo that can hit his targets and move the ball over straight gas. Best of luck! [My background is: Pitched through college, worked in MLB for almost 2 decades and have been a pitching coach for JH and HS (cause I love it)].

So i have a kid who just hit 15 and throws 87. His location is pretty good( still working on it) and he has a massive curve ball and decent change. What should we be focused on at this point with his variety of pitches? He is learning how to manage a game on the mound now but I need to know where the focus should be at this age? Would love your input?