Pitching speed?

I’m a freshman in high school now and am 6’2” 185lbs throwing 83-85 and on the varsity team my first year. Is this a good speed to be at for a freshman?

That is good. I would say focus on spotting the fastball. Velocity is great but many can hit a mistake. start playing with the grip. you can throw a variety of fastball options and not even need a breaking ball in HS. My son (a junior) throws a straight 4, cutter, 2 seam and sinker and has good success and these are fairly easy transitions. I would take a pitcher that has lower velo that can hit his targets and move the ball over straight gas. Best of luck! [My background is: Pitched through college, worked in MLB for almost 2 decades and have been a pitching coach for JH and HS (cause I love it)].

So i have a kid who just hit 15 and throws 87. His location is pretty good( still working on it) and he has a massive curve ball and decent change. What should we be focused on at this point with his variety of pitches? He is learning how to manage a game on the mound now but I need to know where the focus should be at this age? Would love your input?


Location comes from mechanics. Don’t try to focus only on location. And don’t try to go overboard with mechanics…one thing at a time if you think it is an issue…AND start from the bottom up.

Work with his natural ability and natural mechanics. Don’t try to turn him into a pitcher he is not.
For example, not everyone has to be a 3/4 or high arm slot pitcher. If he has an injury, treat the origins of the injury before you screw with the “mechanics”. A lot of young kids develop injuries because of muscular development issues or natural muscular/Skeletal deficiencies. These can be absolutely fixed by proper strength and conditioning.

Identify a main/best pitch. Use that pitch the majority of times. Use the others to keep hitters off balance. As he gets more competitive, he will have to figure it out on his own a=s far as pitch selection and amount each pitch is used. You can suggest, but never demand how he wants to pitch. Trial and error will be his best mentor. You’re there to pick him up when he is low, and celebrate the good times.

Hope this helps.