Pitching speed for a 13 year old

How fast should a thirteen year old be pitching and how may

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This is answered for every age imaginable, if you search the forums for details. Short answer is is 55-60 mph. Anything faster than that is above average.

13 years of age is so different, you see kids that are 5’0" and 80 pounds and you see 6’0" 210 and facial hair. Obviously the smaller framed child should not be throwing has hard as the “man child”. I wouldn’t get too caught up in velocity.
You ask “how fast should a thirteen year old be pitching”?
I say “as fast as is comfortable” (maybe 80% effort) meaning “Not throwing as hard as you can”. Who cares what the radar gun says. That can wait until high school.

Fast enough that he can control the ball in the strike zone, reach the 54ft or 60ft distance (depending what you are playing) and not get the crap hit out of him. Should range anywhere above 55 like coach said above to be effective. There are such huge difference at this age. Some kids at 13 (8th grade) have started to develop in their bodies, others have not. Just because your kid is throwing 70+ does not mean that by Junior year in HS he is throwing 85+ and just because your kid is throwing 55 mph that does not mean that by that same junior year they aren’t throwing 87, but is will be work.

At this age make sure the command is there. Work on a change up as a second pitch that he can throw for a strike and a out pitch and it a sound pitch he can throw consistently. Don’t work too hard on a curve, but if your son is maturing along a normal fashion, you can probably start to look at a curve ball. Remember, college and pro scouts dont have a curve-a-meter when they are looking for kids. They do have a radar gun, yes, but that really is to give them an idea about where they “might” be able to develop the kid in their program - what a potential might be. They are looking for fast ball command and a good mental state.

My son is 14, 5’7"-5’8" 120 lbs.

He throws 68 mph off a mound, 72 mph with a running start.

From what I understand, that’s considered above average but not elite for his age.

I coached him in a Game Day USA all star game last year and based on data we were given there, the average 14 year old participant threw 68 mph with a running start, 64 mph for 13 year olds.

But, that’s for all star caliber players…and with a running start.

He also does velocity training with ELITE level kids and for his age group he’s usually at the low end. Most ELITE kids his age around throwing mid 70s to 80…mid 70s off the mound.

And then off course there’s that ONE kid…86 mph off the mound.

14 years old.

I’m 13. I probably throw 63-68, and I’m a hard thrower. I may be able to hit 70 now, but I’m not sure, since I haven’t been clocked recently.

I can get up to 70 pitches before I get tired.

I throw a fastball. curve, sinker and changeup. I have a cutter too, but I can’t control it yet.

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Mine was hitting 77 from the mound during a pg tourney.

My name is Alex I’m 13 6’0 and I have 145lbs and I my best is 97mph I know it might sound impossible and y’all will think I’m a liar but I practice my pitching speed 5 hours a day with no rest I hope this helped you.

For ELITE level 13u players, it isnt uncommon to see 70-75. But most of the time you see 65-70. And of course you have this one kid who is 5’8’ throwing 81.


Understand that ages with youth males does not now compute well.
There are Biological age questions that should first be asked. Just because we sort these boy’s for competition by chronological age does not mean they are at the same level by biological age.
The average speed of 13 CYO is much different than assessing the true qualifier, Biological age.

What is your son’s biological age? Is he Advanced, Equated or Delayed?
Everybody assumes their child is Equated. There is up to 5 years of maturity difference between a Delayed and Advanced maturer. What now !?