Pitching sleeve

I live in Wisconsin where its cold alot, i was wondering if anyone knew of a good pitchers sleeve to keep the elow warm?

Maybe UnderArmor Cold Gear?

Try Phiten sleeve It works great to keep my elbow and arm warm.

I’m kind of weird though I wear long sleeves all year round even in 90 degree weather. But Phiten has a great sleeve. Just remember to buy it smaller and meassure your arm or it will be to big and not tight enough. I think they say buy 2 inches smaller so it fits.

I have always preferred “loose” long sleeves for pitching, and if it’s not cold enough, just a short sleeve Under Armour.

However, I know a few of my teammates are using the Phiten sleeve
when they pitch all the time. Worth a try IMO…

phiten for sure, best sleeve i ever got