Pitching side hurt,

I’m pitching for the first time since august. And I go throwing outside everything is fine until my pitching side rib is starting to hurt. I start to relax and throw again and it hurts again. I think it’s the time off or my mechanics now using more speed with control. Just saying any tips on why it might be this way?

happens to me a sometimes tooo, i feel my lats are pretty tight so i just stretch them throughly before i throw and i dont have that problem anymore.

just try strectching every major muscle you can before you throw a couple times, youll feel amazing while throwing and afterwards

But I realized something while pitching I used to make my glove join my left hip. But when I took that out and made it so it stays in the air and my chest htis it, it gave me control. just a thought. So going forward with the glove the glove lands on my left chest not at my left hip. Just wanted to point that out.