Pitching Shirt

was just wondering what type of under shirt you guys prefer pitching with?? I have always been a tight fitting underarmour type of guy. Lately though I hve really been feeling confortable pitching with a loose type polyester shirt.


when wearing a tight fit i feel like i get a little more “whip” with my arm, then again its probably cus im just more confortable with it idk

same here i guess its all about comfort

Just a normal t-shirt really even if it is normal fabric. Sure it gets a little hot but I’m comfortable with it otherwise. The only problem is that most of mine that I practice with have this dirt stain right on the front of the shirt near the bottom of the neck where I wipe my fingers off after licking them.

I always pitched with UA compression sleeves, even in 90-90 dgree temps. Just liked that “tightness” and secure feeling. But on some days, it was hot as hell :slight_smile:

Just a loose fitting tee. There is nothing better than the first warm pitching debut in the Spring season when I don’t have to wear Cold Gear UA.


If its under 70 degrees than its an Under Armour Coldgear mock.

Anywhere above 70 degrees its a sleeveless Under Armour compression tee with a short sleeve Under Armour loose tee over that.

Perfect combination. UA really gets it done IMO.


FYI it is scientifically proven that Compression Shirts/Shorts improve the body’s circulation, prevents muscle fatigue/swelling, prolongs endurance and promotes quicker recovery times.

Every Ballplayer, especially pitchers should be wearing these types of under garments.

Google Penn State University and Ball State University Compression Shirt Study for evidence.


Is there any known way to get a model to get long sleeves. I’m not talking about just coloring over the player’s skin color to make it look like an undershirt. Im asking if theres any way to say use a keeper model that has the sleeves mapped out, and make a kit for it.
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Eastbay Long Sleeve Compression Shirt unless its really cold, then I wear my Nike Pro Combat Mock Turtle over it.