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ok i really love playing baseball i play 2-3 times a day by my self and i relly have know one to play with is this screen good to use to practice with??let me know please thankyou…\

I’ve found some pitchers like to have something like this to practice with and to use during BP. The squared off area in red is pretty neat for teaching young and old alike to be more dynamic with their targets. Like up inside, down inside… etc.

I think their a good idea.

However, avoid securing them in the ground (outside) with stakes and hooks that are shoved into the ground and similar devices.

These things have a tendency to get lost on the field when their plucked out of the ground. And when grounds keepers use grass cutting equipment, these things can get picked up and end up as projectiles. (the stakes that is.)

Any time I’ve had to use stuff on the field that required securing to the ground… I’ve used weighted objects. A good thing to use is to get an old fire hose in sections - about three feet each, or a heavy duty bag, then fill either of them with sand and secure the ends.

Coach B.

The one thing I dislike about most targets like that is that the strike zone doesn’t go low enough. In other words, have a kid stand in front of the target and compare the bottom of the strike zone to the kid’s knees and you’ll usually see that the kid’s knees are lower than the bottom of the target’s strike zone.

is a target that has a more accurate strike zone (plus some configurability). Unfortunately, this target is quite a bit more expensive.

The example that ROGER has shown takes up some good points. I’d prefer his example of such products.

These are very expensive, but if you are really into pitching it will be money well spent. The target is adjustable and goes down to where the batter’s knees would be. It also gives instant feedback of where the last pitch was located and is very durable.

Thanks for posting that. I like it. Might have to get one for my bullpen.

Ok, I bought one (leather pitching target). I bought the package deal with the target and the multisport practice net to hang it from. Wasn’t cheap but my initial impression is that the product is well-made. I’ll report back once my son has used it some.