Pitching Rules ;-]


A la NCIS Gibbs’ Rules…
Never cross up your catcher
Always use a closed web glove
Vary how you check the runners
Never look toward the bullpen
Never show all your pitches the first time through the order
Don’t repeat a pitch sequence the next time up or to the next batter
Don’t waste good pitches on bad hitters
Never apologize for hitting a batter, unless you meant to hit him
Every pitch has an intended target–think small to miss small
A batter with an 0-2 count still has a bat in his hands
Never travel without nail clippers
Everyone gets lit up
Jog on; walk off
Never date your catcher’s girlfriend
Never tell the head coach you want to come out
Never step on a chalk line
Keep your defense in the game–work fast; pitch to contact
Own the inner edge–move the batter’s feet
For plans to evolve; they first need to exist
Never leave your hat away from your glove
Stay hydrated
There are two ways to pitch someone; attack or defend
Never ask what your pitch count is
Your game; your call
If he crushed the last one, show him something else
Catchers are huggers–be prepared to dodge the face mask
Keep your spikes cleaned out
Always swipe away the dirt the other pitcher leaves on the rubber
Play your position, but only yours


Let me add one of Satchel Paige’s favorites: Throw strikes. Home plate don’t move.
And here’s something Ed Lopat told me long ago: Figure out what the batter is looking for—and don’t give it to him.