Pitching Rule Trivia #6

Under official baseball rules, can a pitcher wear a first baseman’s mitt while pitching?

Answers for all 6 trivia questions tomorrow.

No, only a catchers mitt can be used by the catcher and first basemans mitt can be used by a first baseman.

I would say, Yes, he can.

OBR rules 1.12 - 1.14 cover this and the answer is no. The catcher and first baseman are the only players permitted to wear “mitts.” All other fielders must wear gloves.

How about this… can a pitcher wear … say a 13 inch glove or even bigger like an outfielder’s glove?

A glove is a glove right? I mean, there’s nothing in the rule book about size, is there?

And while we’re at it, let’s not let the catchers feel that their being ignored. I guess there’s nothing wrong with a catcher’s mitt being as big or small as they want … after all a mitts a mitt. Right ?

Coach B.

So does that mean a first baseman could wear a catcher’s mitt? And a catcher could wear a first base mitt?