Pitching Rule Trivia #3

OK, if a pitcher bounces a ball off the ground before the plate and it passes over it in the catcher’s mitt for a strike, is it still considered a legal throw, meaning can that count as a strike?

No, becuase it hit the ground.

Not sure on this one just a guess.

I’ll post the answer tomorrow, to give some people the chance to reply…

I agree

Should it be a strike no. But, it’s the umpires discretion. If the umpire calls the pitch a strike, then it’s a strike.

Truthfully, I gotta say that it is definitely a strike. I just think you don’t see it because skipping the ball off the ground and getting it to consistently pass through the strike zone is …well…ridiculous. We all know that if the batter swings and misses no matter if it hit the ground or not it is a strike. Imagine if Ichiro could get a hit off a bounced ball then the pitcher should be able to get a strike. IMO

It’s still a pitch, but it should not be a called strike. If it hits the batter, he is hit by the pitch. The pitch cannot be a caught third strike because the pitch is no longer “in-flight.” If the batter swings at the pitch and tips it and the tipped pitch is caught and held by the catcher, it is a (caught) foul tip.

Rule 2.00 (Ball) Comment: If the pitch touches the ground and bounces through the strike zone it is a “ball.” If such a pitch touches the batter, he shall be awarded first base. If the batter swings at such a pitch after two strikes, the ball cannot be caught, for the purposes of Rule 6.05 © and 6.09 (b). If the batter hits such a pitch, the ensuing action shall be the same as if he hit the ball in flight.