Pitching Repertoire

Well to start off I am a junior and the Ace of my high school team and we are 6-3 so far. I am 5’9 and 192lbs. I have a low-mid 80’s fastball and I top out at 88, and I have an amazing 12-6 and 2-7 curve which is more of a slider but I want more to a repertoire. Can anyone give me advice on 2-3 more pitches that I can be throwing or working to throw?

I would seriously work on a change up first and foremost. Then I would learn to cut the fastball.

I have worked on throwing a change-up and it is much much slower yet i can’t seem to locate it that well

Keep working on it, the change is a feel pitch the more you work on it the more you’ll be able to use it effectively.

I’d be careful of the “slider” you say you have.

If you’re topping at high 8s I’d work harder to get to be able to sit high 8s then worrying about adding more pitches.

takes a while and some tweaking to locate the change. Don’t abandon it, the change can be really effective.

I might just be throwing it wrong then! I’ll look up different ways I think another is im not fully over the top so the “slider” is a 3/4 curve. If you wonder why I dont throw over the top I can’t haha I have bone on bone in my throwing shoulder because of a prior injury and there isn’t any cartilage left and I have bone spurs. So any other advice?

Well, you could always experiment with change up grips. Mines similar to a circle change but I place my index finger on the inside part of the seam and not curl it to put less tension on my pinkie (Apparently I fractured my pinkie at one point and it healed wrong). Throwing my change up while I do long toss helped me tremendously along with throwing it as I gradually move back to mound distance.

That is something I will try im pitching our divisional game against a 3-7 team maybe I can get away with throwing a couple balls while working on my change up

You should try to develop another offspeed pitch in addition to your curve. That could be a true change-up or a splitter.

You might also consider a 2-seam or sinker to have a velocity pitch that tails.

But don’t spread yourself too thin trying to develop a big repertoire. The best pitchers in the game get really good at just 2 or 3 pitches.

Whats another off speed pitch then?

Why not consider the palmball? That was the first changeup I acquired as a little snip of twelve. They call that one the “Bugs Bunny changeup”, and a very good one it is—it puts no stress on the arm and shoulder, it’s easy to throw, you can change speeds on it, and it gives opposing batters no end of conniption fits. You grip tnat one with all four fingers on top and the thumb underneath for support, and you throw it like a fastball—that’s all there is to it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I will definitely work on that!

[quote]My pitches:
4-Seam = 84
2-Seam = 82
Change-up = 70
Knuckleball = 73
Slider = 78
12-6 Curveball = 74[/quote]

Forget adding anther pitch. IMO you’re spreading yourself too thin. Too many pitches to work on.
Pick one that you already have, preferably your best offspeed pitch and refine it.

If you are 5’9 and throwing 88 your doing some good stuff for a high school junior.

I don’t like change ups for kids with good arms because at some point it will eat into your velocity. Knuckelballs are even worse. A change up is a huge “feel pitch” and while it can be devastating to hitters I think you need to continue to increase your MPH. A change up focus won’t help that especially with how bad high school hitters have become. 88 will shut most teams down easily.

“Good” arm action dictates the effectiveness/bite of breaking pitches and the velocity of fastballs. I’d stick with hard stuff to maintain intent and keep adding velocity.

Alright I think since I can’t accurately throw a circle change I will throw a palmball because in warm-ups I can pin point where I want to throw that

My wise and wonderful pitching coach once told me that just about any pitch you throw can be turned into a nice changeup, and he demonstrated several for me and showed me how to throw them. It’s all in the grip and how you hold the ball. So if you’re having difficulty with the circle change—and a lot of pitchers seem to have this problem—there’s a whole basketful to choose from. For example, there’s the knuckle-curve, in which you use a knuckleball grip and throw a curve with it; you can change speeds on it—either way, you can give batters fits with it, because the pitch comes in there looking for all the world like a fastball and then suddenly drops like a glass hitting the floor and shattering into little pieces. A particular favorite of mine was the “slip pitch”; there are a couple of versions of this one, and the one I learned was, at bottom, a hard slider thrown with a knuckleball grip (and you can change speeds on this one too). I remember how the opposing batters used to scream blue murder—and armed robbery, arson, first-degree burglary, grand larceny breaking pitch and every other felony they could think of: they couldn’t hit that one for sour apples! 8) :smiley:

Hey man, why are you so worried about having a five pitch repertoire. In high school I relied on a low 90’s fastball, plus change, and a 12-6 hook. The more pitches you add, the more difficulty you acquire. 88 is fine in high school. Instead of worrying about all these pitches, why don’t you focus on commanding your fastball on both sides of the plate. If you do not have fastball command, you will never succeed beyond high school. After you command your 4 seam, learn how to command your 2 seam, and don’t expect to backdoor anybody with the 2 seam for a while. After that, you focus on your offspeed stuff. If you are not an over the top guy, abandon the 12-6 right now as it will be ridiculously inconsistent. The key to a 12-6 is shortening the stride, coming over the top, and pulling your midsection in in order to stay completely on top of the hook. If you’re a 3/4 guy, look at the slider.

True zita, most do struggle with the circle change and the reason is because you’re throwing it off your middle finger, ring finger, and pinky finger with your thumb down. It’s hard to command and if you slung it across your body instead of going north/south it will be flat and have the appearance of a batting practice fastball.

Are you an “over the top guy”? My son definately is over the top & has a nasty hook. Have been told in past to level his shoulders and head as it would cause control issues & loss of velocity. He also takes a shorter stride although slightly in excess of 80% of his height. Just curious to hear you thoughts; he’s 14 years old and has excellent control & command with above average velocity. I wanted him to drop down his arm slot about a year ago but pitching coach dissuaded. I am still a little concerned about his head going completely sideways.

Mike do you have any video of your son?

I’m having a hard time picturing what your describing.

All I keep thinking of is how Pettite throws, with the tilt on his shoulders.