Pitching questions

when ive been pitching lately my coaches have been telling me to point my foot down its really not feeling that coftorble. Does that matter.

you don tneed to make your foot go down just have it relaxed and it will just lie there during your windup but dont point your foot down im sure he just means let it be relaxed and let it hang…common mistake

we i pitch should i not even worry bout it will it do it automaticalle because m oking at some piching clips and some players have thee toe pointed down andothers dont

letting your foot relax help you getting the good foot landing you need to achieve control but some are able to get good control without it.

are there any drills to practice that

best drill is to play catch with a pitching motion, not too exagerated and just relax your foot as you lift it. it will become natural in no time.

Point your foot in what direction you want the ball to go, this has always worked for me, and a longer stride

[quote=“Egeland149”]Point your foot in what direction you want the ball to go, this has always worked for me, and a longer stride[/quote]When?

i owuld not listen to egeland or w/e just let the foot relax and listen to 4pie just play catch using your pitching motion , it will help …

likedonrelle willis he doesnt pint his foot at all he does the huge leg kick that seem like it works for me but not as muh a he does should i do what feels good to me

someone once said that changing your natural mechanics (let’s say they are ok) is looking for troubles. If you don’t have any problems control-wise or mechanic-wise just keep on pitching. You change what cause you a problem. Never change anything for anyone. Satchel Paige was really strict about that, teach me where to pitch, teach me how to grip pitches but never try to teach me how to throw a ball and i’ll be just fine. You can listen to what people tell you but only change what you think is important.

lol it may not work for you but it has for me, im in the top 3 in my highschool throwing 89 averaging 13k’s a game and totaling 77k’s overall and batting .450 at varsity level my frosh year

The original question asked about pointing the foot down. Your reply was to point the foot at the target. Sounds to me like the original question was in regards to the knee lift while your reply is in regards to foot plant. I think that’s why dm59 asked “When?”.

I gotcha, I apologize completely, now I fully understand the question, but yeah coaches have said keeping the foot relaxed and letting it hang lets the lower half of the body stay relaxed, so I would recommend putting that in your pitching routine I did in 7th grade and its made the world of a difference

Again Sorry for misunderstanding and holding against something that was completely different from the original Q

so did you have your question answered or not?