Pitching questions from a devoloping pitcher

I have had coaching from former minor league players through my highschool career. Im in my senoir year and im hitting mid 80’s consistantly with my fastball throught a seven inning game. I have a good curvball, slider and changup to go along with my fastball, with good
change of speed and good location. Im also throwing a splitter that i devoloped in the off season. With that I have a few questions.

  1. Who can i get in touch with in southern Oegon to help coach and further my career in baseball as a pitcher.

  2. In what ways can i get my name out there to scouts and colloges, because being from southern Oregon there are not many scouts that come through looking for talent.

  3. Am I throwing to many types of pitches> If so which ones should i stick with.

If you could help answer any of these questions I would like to hear back from you.

First and foremost focus on having a good HS season then I’d recommend looking into showcases. Perfect Game, www.perfectgame.org , has some of the big ones, but there are a lot of others.

Diamond Kings, http://www.dkings.com/events.cfm , has one in Santa Cruz, CA in June.

The showcases are pretty much shut down until after the HS season so it will be a while.

Another avenue is to attend college camps. Here’s a link for investigating those:
http://www.collegebaseballcamps.com/ .

The closest to you would seem to be Southern Utah and U of San Francisco. There may be other colleges closer by who are running camps not affilliated with collegebaseballcamps.com. I will say that our experiences with the people running collegebaseballcamps have been very good.

Not if you can throw them all well.


I would try to pick between the change and splitter. They both serve the same purpose (change of speeds with fastball action). Hitters will sometimes pick up the splitter earlier, so if the change is good, work on that and make it even better.

Don’t hesitate to contact schools as well that you might be interested in. Remember, there is a whole country of schools out there. Take into consideration all aspects of college life. Location, weather, student life, academic programs, and baseball program. When it comes to baseball, make sure you go to a school that you will get better at and will make sure you stay on track in the classroom.

College camps are a great idea as well as showcases. It’s kind of late in the game being a senior, schools have got most of their scholarship money gone by now for incoming freshmen. Keep an open mind when talking to coaches and use your grades act/sat scores to your advantage. Walking on is always an option as well, but you have to be enrolled at the school before you try out for the team.

Good luck this season!

I from southwest wyoming and there isnt much out here, im still young so Im not looking for schools, I just know my brothers have had to travel all over to pitch for colleges, college recruiters are not going to find you if your from a small area, you have to find them. Send E-mails to college coaches in your area and set up a tryout with them.

Zach is that you?