pitching question

my pitching coach noticed that i was just landing on my footwhen i pitched he said i wanna land on the tip of the my front toe. when i did that a couple times it felt so awkard.

y would you want to land on your toe?

The “classic Power Position” has you on the ball of the forward foot, not the toe. Maddux lands on his heel, but work with your coach dtrain, he’ll help you understand. If you aren’t sure, ask, don’t assume

you guys got any pictures or videos to show me

Look how roger clemens lands.

Landing on your heel tends to be more jarring and some feel that it has an adverse effect on control. However, there are a lot of pitchers that do it. I believe Frankie Rodriguez lands on his heel.

Virtually nobody actually lands on their toe. Your coach may be giving you a cue that will lead to landing on your heel less without actually trying to get you to land toe first.

it looks like clemons front leg he lands on his font foot but if that happens wouldnt all your weight from your back foot go on your front foot

i think its personal preference, whatever feels more comfortable and gets you maximum results

[quote=“RIstar”][/img] http://images.usatoday.com/sports/_photos/2006/07/03/clemens.jpg

Look how roger clemens lands.[/quote]

All that picture shows is that he got to a position where his entire foot was flat on the ground. But it doesn’t imply anything about how he landed (unless, of course, that picture was snapped at the instant his foot touched down - but there’s no way to know that).

Some think landing on the heal is more jarring as CADad pointed out. Some think it is a balance issue. Some think it is a momentum issue (or lack thereof). My opinion is that landing on the heal isn’t normally a problem in and of itself because the rest of the foot comes down within a couple milliseconds. There just isn’t a whole lot that can go wrong in those couple of milliseconds.

JD had some good advice for you. Work with your coach and show that your trying to do what he’s asked even if you only do it half-way (like landing flat-footed). :wink:

Roger Clemens landed on the ball of his front foot with his heel less than 2" off the ground. This is seen clearly with motor driven photos of which I have taken many. Some of the pitching motion happens so fast that only expensive taping equipment tells the story.

yeah i dont think you should be listening to your coach if he says that…do whats feels comfortable to you, after all your the one pitching…