Pitching:push or pull?

my whole life while i’ve been pitching i’ve always thought that i am supposed to push off with my back leg for more explosion and velocity. But recently i’ve been told that instead of pushing your supposed to pull forward with your front leg. Is there any specific way a pitcher should do this? or is it just what ever is more comfortable for them?

Looking at video of MLB’s top pitchers, you can see that the back leg bends and then rotates to a knee forward, laces down position without straightening. This implies there is no push. In fact, when pitchers try to push off with the back leg, they very often mess up their timing.

Focus instead on getting the hips moving sideways sooner (before peak of knee lift) and faster. Lead with the front hip longer into your stride and then swing the front leg out front faster. This will take appropriate strength in the front leg for brcing after foot plant as well as appropriate core strength to stabilize the torso while moving faster.