Pitching Project


Hey, I have been on this forum years ago and today is my return. So a little bit about me and my story…

My name is Tanner, and I have pitched for my entire childhood up until 17 years old, which is when I decided to call it quits since I received a full ride academic scholarship to a Canadian University; thus I decided to focus on my studies. Also, I knew that baseball wasn’t going to take me anywhere as I was 17 and sitting at 75mph due to a poor arm action that I couldn’t shake. Now marks 2 years that I stopped playing baseball, I am 19 now. I have never been able to get away from my love of baseball and pitching, I have coached pitching over the past two years to 9 and 10 year olds which has inspired me to gear things back up.

Thus, I have decided to put my strong work ethic into becoming a better pitcher than I ever was by breaking down my mechanics and getting into the shape of an ideal pitcher.

My transition:
Prior to stopping baseball
Age: 17
Height/weight: 6’2", 175-180
Velocity: 75

Age: 19
Height/Weight: 6’4", 195-200 (due to working out more)
Also I am left handed.

Alas, this is where all you pitching coaches come in! I am wondering what I can do to start this journey and if anyone would like a new (low risk) pitching project to take on. I can’t see a better way to validate your pitching methods than to break down my mechanics and take someone that has called it quits and spark more baseball talent. I am easy to teach and extremely driven. I would love to see what you think my potential is.

Please let me know if you have any advice or message me directly if you are interested in working together or could refer me to someone that could help. Thanks for hearing me out!


Welcome back Tanner. If you can post some video that would be a great start.

With respect to working with someone and suggesting someone, there are web sites I believe that have coaches by state or where you live, and their rates ($) per session/hour/week and so on.


Thanks, I will work towards posting video soon. Being from Canada, there are very limited qualified coaches, especially in my student budget. In the meantime, do you have any tips on how to rebuild my mechanics, or things to think about in order to not fall into bad habits? Any predictions on how difficult it will be to rebuild and pick pitching back up after 2 years off at my age and gain velocity?


You being a student will more than likely make money an issue. Start throwing again and post a video. You’ll need to be throwing at least 85 mph for a scout or coach to give you a shot. LH and tall will help. You should more than likely be around 80-82 mph after you get your arm in shape. Good luck.


@Bx2 thank you for the response. Money is definitely the issue as to why I cannot get a personal instructor so I’m determind to do it on my own. I hope to get to 80-82 by the end of the year (is that a reasonable goal? Or should I push it further?). I have started a log “From the Couch to 90” to document my process. Thanks again.


You should push as far as you can go, of course. You really need reps against hitters. It’s one thing to practice pitching and mechanics but an entirely other thing to go and compete against live hitters. Without you being on a team and competing, you face an uphill battle. Time is not on your side. Can you travel south and compete? That would be the best thing for your goal.


@Bx2 Yes of course facing live hitters will be a neccessity. I do have the option to play in competitive leagues and face elite HS players in Canada, but it would be tough to compete in the US without an academic transfer for my last 2 years of college and I’m not sure how feasible that is. But I’m open to that option.