Pitching program/diet

ok, first things first, i’m new to these forums, and im 14, going to be 15 in may, our jv season is over, and all of the freshmen got moved up to varsity.

Right now we throw a flat ground bullpen (20 pitch, 80%) probably once a week, the rest of the time we work on picks, or our defensive position. All of the freshmen pitchers on the team have elbow problems, mine hurts me while i throw, only when i throw, maybe up to 10 minutes later, but that’s it… i’m 5’7" weigh around 110 lbs, and wear a size 11, im in the middle of a growing time that’s been going on since last summer, and i dont think it’s stopping any time too soon. Last summer i did a bodybuilding program at a local gym, and i plan on rejoining the gym once the season is over, but right now it looks like we might have a shot of going to state and we’re not over w/ the regular season yet. 2 more area wins and we’re into the playoffs… but anyway, if it’s at all possible, could someone please point out a pitching program for the offseason that will improve my endurance and velocity… (i only through about 54-56 mph) and also a diet program that could keep me in better health conditions… i eat all the time, just have a very high metabolism and i can’t keep weight during baseball season… maybe i’ve told yall enough about myself… thanks in advace for any helpful posts…

Thats not good. I think that you should be worried about having a serious injury and/ or serious problems with your mechanics. Go to the doctor and have them take a look at the elbow. It could save you lots of time later on (and possible surgeries).

As for weight gaining, you need to remember how many calories need to be taken in to gain weight. Being a young guy, active with a high metabolism, you could take in around 3000 calories or more a day in order to gain steadily. If you go with 6 meals a day it shouldnt be too hard to get done.

Having a fast metabolism I think you could be able to take in mroe than 3,000 calories, but I don’t know. You said you’re eating a lot as it is but I don’t know how much a lot is. You should find out how many calories you’re eating daily then increase on that.

I checked your BMR for some averages and it ranges from 2500-2800 calories a day. 250 extra calories a day will cause you to gain 1 pound in 2 weeks. So in order for you to gain constantly (and consistently) you would need to take in 3000-3300 calories every day. If you did that you would gain a pound a week.

Easiest way to get your calories is always to have food with you. Before you go to bed at night, make yourself a few PB and J sandwiches for the next day at school. Eat one or two during your break periods.

As for joining a gym, it’s important but not as important as eating. You cant build muscle if your body doesnt have the excess calories and protein. Also, you need to remember that lifting weights will burn more calories, so you need to eat post-workout (cereal is good).

Good luck this summer

If you aren’t lifting, any extra weight you will gain will probably be fat. In many ways you might need a lifestyle change. Working hard in the gym, eating more meals per day, getting enough sleep.

This normally isn’t the time to be worry about gaining weight. Now is the time to focus on the baseball skills and maintaining what you’ve gained during the offseason. Be careful that your focus on weight doesn’t take away from your focus on baseball.