Pitching problems

My son Daniel is entering his second year in 9&10 year baseball.He has a
very strong arm for his age,but I have noticed that his accuracy is not like it use to be.During fall practice and game time I have started paying a little more attention to him when we have him pitching and he looks like he is dropping his elbow to his side and not following through like he used to.Are there any drills I can practice with him or exercises we might be able to do together.
Thank You,
Stephen Touchberry

It sounds like your son is simply not getting good extension when he’s releasing his pitch, which is a common problem for young pitchers because they don’t have the strength just yet to pitch with the pitching mechanics you see big league pitchers throw with. The strength, of course, will come as your son matures. But the extension can be worked on by working with your son to finish his throwing motion with his throwing elbow outside of his stride knee. The thought is that in order to get a good follow-through, you’ve got to first get good extension.

try to get him to throw over the top

try to get him to throw over the top

The throwing elbow should stay level with the shoulder. This will help him throw “down”. I’ll bet when he drops his elbow, he throws a lot of high pitches??? My son is taught in the follow through to try to slap dirt off the top of the mound, this will help his following through. Good luck.

make sure he throws from the top keeps his shoulder up and stays on top of the ball

Brad James has it right—the elbow should be level with the shoulder. This is most easily achieved when throwing 3/4 or even sidearm (which is what I used to do). I don’t agree with this “over the top” business; indeed, it’s one of the surest ways to an arm or shoulder injury. Let the kid work on perfecting the 3/4 or the sidearm delivery, whichever is more comfortable for him. 8)