Pitching Practice Distance


For a while now, I have been having my son practice his pitching at whatever the next level’s distance is. For example, at 12U he pitches at 50 ft., 13U the distance is either 54 ft. or 60 ft. 6 in. depending on the field size, so when he does bullpens we do them at 54 ft.

Is there any advantage or disadvantage to doing this? He seems to like the idea of pitching “up” in practice. I think it gives him extra confidence in games. Just wondering what the experts think?


Similar to what pitching instructor had my son doing at age 12. He’d do a large portion of the bullpen at 60.6 and pull into 54 feet where he was playing at the time. Instructor said it was good to “stretch his arm out”. Whether its good or bad don’t know, didn’t hurt him though.