Pitching power

Ok um i am a 5’10 140 pound sophmore thats left-handed and my average pitching speed is 76 mph, but i need it faster, are there any tips or workouts anyone can recommend to get my arm stronger and throwing faster?

throw more … long toss is good. while not over doing it

Focus on making your entire body stronger, not just your arm. Find a program and stick to it, something like Centerfield has done (a complete program), or you can take bits and pieces and make something up on your own. Lbarber has most of his workouts logged, I have 3 fullbody lifting sessions on this site, should you want to use either.

The most important thing is to stay consistent and the results will come. Building yourself up is a long process, and most people lose interest when they dont see instant success. Take things slow and you’ll be more than ready for the next season.

wow this is nuts im the exact same size the same hand and same age as u lo… im probably gonna work on what most people put here but for what i can give you id go with shoulders chest and core

core for balance, shouders for duribility and endurance, and chest for velocity. You need all 3 of these to throw harder balance is needed to keep your mechanics in place, duribility for your ability to throw full out longer, and chest because they are major muscles in the slingshot effect when you throw. Look at any open side or front view of any pitcher and you will see a serious flex on the chest, particulary the pecs…

you can work all 3 areas with just push-ups and situps or planks just make sure u do broad arm (arms far apart) push ups for more chest and inverted or regular ( inverted is arms close together) pushups for shoulders… situps can be done many ways i particularly like doing a them with your legs up planks are good to though because although there isnt much of a range of motion, they do work your back in some ways which will b needed to support your body.

im no expert but these are the things i do without weights and they will work just fine for at home or when your away and dont have access to a gym

ok thanks for all the help guys

I can’t believe no one mentioned lower body!!! Sure, upper body workouts to strenghten the chest and arms are important for overall conditioning, but lower body will give you much more explosiveness as a pitcher. Over this winter, I trimmed 4% bf off my body, putting me at 9%. I’ve had an upper body routine since fall 05, but just starting lifting lower this winter. I added 130 pounds to my leg press(newbie gains), and got pretty ripped in the abdominal area. And you know what? My fastball comes back this spring 5-7 mph harder.

Lift with the upper body, lift heavy with the lower.