Pitching Performances Continued

I starting were I left off so far this season my control is not the greatest but on to my last games stats…

4 innings, 6Ks, 5 walks, 1 hit, 1 earned run

its amazing the difference a different catcher makes

after the first two innings the catchers got switched out to our back-up varsity catcher, I have more confedence in him then the JV one cuz I played with him a lot over the summer and he knows me and my pitches

another note my arm angle is starting to move up to a 3/4 slot i dont know how that happened and my velocity as gone up as well

Today I threw a 40 pitch bullpen session, I feel like something is holding me back I dont know what but there is something there Im so inconsistant right now whenever i throw from my 3/4 arm slot i feel like my body isnt helping at all maybe its all in my head IDK… will keep updating

I hurt my lower back in my last game. I didnt get out of the second inning. My control was so horrible and my arm angle was very inconsistant
I have been resting and we play in a tournament this weekend, my next schedule start will be then

today we had are tournament and I started the first game:

complete game 7 IP 7Ks no walks 2 hits 1 earned run

I was able to throw all my pitches for strikes and keep all the hitters off balance I only had one solid ball hit off me and it was caught so all in all the best game of my season so far

sounds like a great game … nice

Yeah I felt really good I just did a few things differently this time then in the past

Another decent outing… I didnt get the start today because another guy need to throw some innings, my next scheduled start i think is tuesday
anyway the the jv team we play against to day was as good as some of the teams are varsity plays,

2 innings 1k 1 hit batter 1 earned run

the earned run came off a shot that a guy hit that was to the fence his last atbat he hit a two-run home run

My breaking ball and change are getting better which is always good

last night I started:

6 inings 9Ks 3 hit batters 3 walks 3 earned runs

pitched in relief yesturday:

2 innings 1K 1walk 1hit 0 runs

two days ago i started:

complete game 7 innings 3 walks 10Ks 2 hits 1 earned run