Pitching performance

i had my first outing today, I threw 3 innings, gave up one hit, hit two batters, walked one and struck out 8, it was a pretty good outing I threw all fastballs, i didnt really see the need to throw any breaking pitches my fastball was moving pretty good, I guess u could say i was effectively wild.

I think ill keeps this as a log and update it every time I throw in a game for the rest of the high school season

looks decent to me. your control might have been a little off but who would blame you it’s pretty early still. i was actually pretty much on target today, pitching 2 innings 6-7 (the equivalent of 8-9) 17 pitches 1K 1H 0R and i got the save. got back my curveball which i couldn’t get to break in the winter trainings. pitch of the day was a screwball i used once, throwing at the right-handed batter to make it break back in the strike zone but the ump called a ball. i don’t think i’ll use it that much though, unless i can get to work a little bit more on it.

My second outing was not very good a least to me, 3 innings, 4Ks, 2 walks, 1hit, 2 earned runs, 45 pitches, the team i faced was not very good at all, but thats just baseball

well the k’s are there, that means you have what you need, the control is probably what you have to get better at. i know, from throwing from different angles, that sidearming the ball is hard to find the strike zone properly. not because it’s hard to control but because the pitches move so much especially if thrown at speeds under 90mphs.

my last one was pretty normal, threw 4innings, 5ks 4 of them looking on my knucklecurve i was working on, it’s pretty early to really get into it so i just work on pitches. i can’t seem to be able to control it when i come really low sidearm. i don’t have a lot of pitches i can get to control from that angle. maybe we could exchange on that subject. i’m not a full time sidearmer but i just mix a lot angles with all my pitches.

as of late I have 5 pitches that I throw, 4seam,2seam, 2seam change-up, slurve-type, and a big looping slow breaking ball all from the my side-arm angle