Pitching on indoor mounds

When i pitch off indoor mound my head drops significantly due to the drastic decrease of “fake” mounds during the stride in my delivery. Any way to correct this?

What kind of mound are you using?

Indoor mounds, like outdoor mounds, vary greatly, and you need to take this into consideration and make the necessary adjustments. I have seen this in major league ballparks; for example, there’s the stadium in Kansas City where the mound is lower and flatter than those in the other American League parks, and that presents a serious problem for anyone who happens to be a sinkerball pitcher. The only way to deal with that, as Jorge Posada advised Chien-Ming Wang during a game, is to shorten the stride. On the other hand, some mounds are high—I remember when they were 15 inches high and then were lowered to twelve, even ten, inches just to help the hitters! If you’re throwing from a high mound, you might try lengthening your stride—and perhaps drop down some, as if you were throwing from a low 3/4 or a sidearm angle. Experiment a little, find what’s comfortable for you on any particular mound, and work with that. 8)